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Thank you for joining me on my journey of discovery!

Hello Everyone !

Do to the Corona Virus I will not be attending any shows this year.

This means all the special stock I save

just for the shows will all be on my Etsy site end of summer and fall!!

Stay safe and hope to hear from you soon!


My Artwork

I love to work in a variety of mediums which include semi precious stone jewellery, hand sewn and designed teddy animals, and clay sculptures. In this website I have put pictures of my most recent artwork. If you would like to purchase any of my artwork please check out my store on Etsy at RiverSong Art Studio or contact me at [email protected]

Jai Stuart

My name is Jai Stuart and I have always been interested in all forms of art. From an early age I was drawing or sculpting anything that caught my eye on beautiful Vancouver Island. As a child my mother and father would indulge me by letting me bring home clay from a nearby beach to pacify my creativity. In my late teens, while attending the University of Victoria, I focused mainly on various painting mediums and sold paintings through galleries on Vancouver Island. During this time I also started to make soft sculpted dolls, some life size, for shop display windows around Victoria. I have advanced and modified my sculpting skills over the years to include polymer clay to make smaller more detailed characters; they are figurines that range from fantasy fairies to Santa. I have also continued my love of painting in water color and acrylic and have cards and prints available.

For the last few years I have started making customized teddy bears and other animals. The face starts with 6 pieces of fur hand sewn together to form a fur ball. Then I painstakingly hand sculpt with scissors to form the unique face. Every teddy is completely unique with their own special personalities. I can never duplicate a face and with my hand paint the eyes their personalities come alive. Depending on the animals people request I modify or design new patterns. I hand sew these creations with upholstery thread, make the 5 joints of wood disc and metal then design and sew the outfits they wear. All the left feet are signed with a signature Jai to show they are authentic Jai Bears.

The gently poseable art dolls I make start with a wire frame. I then sculpt the head, feet, claws etc. out of a combination of polymer clay. When these have hardened I paint them, fill the bodies with quilt batting, plastic shot or wood chips and sew and glue the fur on. Some, like the dragons, then become bejeweled others I make outfits for.